Practice makes perfect – Part 2

Today after taking a looong break, I decided to get back into fashion illustrating again. Because I’m on instagram and follow a lot of artists, I get inspired everyday and its a good source to use  especially when you’re not sure what to draw next.

Here are my experiments:


I decided to just focus on watercolour paint and was inspired by David Dowton’s work for this one. I was advised by Inslee to study/check his work out. After all being/aspiring to be a fashion illustrator is all about finding your niche so that when someone looks at your work, they’ll know it’s yours.

A nice picture and some words of wisdom all in one mini post

Have a nice weekend,

Pencil skirt and shoes

You know that feeling when you wake up and feel you have to get things done? You do! I had it today and completed 2 illustrations


I’m still on my road to success and awesomeness as my work is getting there. My old work compared to this looks nothing alike. It just comes to show practise makes perfect!
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